Instantly run AI and Machine Learning and Analytics in Excel.

No Coding. Fast Computation in the cloud.

Time Series Machine Learning

A catalogue of AI-powered Time Series Forecasting model. From ARIMA to DeepAR, build, test and deploy your models in Excel.

Machine Learning

A comprehensive catalogue of pre-built fine tuned popular machine learning models like Random Forest, XGBoost, Gaussian Mixture, GLM,  Bayesian, and more.

Banking, Insurance, Risk Management

Execute sophisticated risk management and pricing models powered by AI advanced computation techniques.

Maximize ROI with Optimization.

Axcel sophisticated optimization function enable business decision-makers to drive operational efficiency. Predictive maintenance, price optimization, workforce scheduling, supply chain and logistics optimization, financial portfolio optimization to name a few.

Anomaly Detection

Automate event analysis to quickly identify complex changes humans can miss. There are many use cases for anomaly detection. Cybersecurity, Fraud Detection, Preventing Leakage of Sensitive Data and Preventive Maintenance to name a few.



Axcel provides a wide range of visualization from histograms and bar charts to dendrograms and heatmaps. It is fully automated, interactive and possible to view in a browser. Easily visualize, save, and share with your team.

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Axcel AI capabilities are customizable, combinable and easily deployable. No coding required.