Visualization Projects and Sharing

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Visualization functions in Axcel have the deployment option which enables you to share or publish your charts, graphs and other reports generated in the plot section in your task pane. To be able to use this powerful feature you need to create a project. To do so, log in to your dashboard, in Projects tab on the top, click on “Create Project”. You simply define a name which should be a unique name in your account with small letters and numbers. The process is shown below:

As shown in the example above, we created a project called myproject1, now you can deploy your visualizations within this project. For example, we would like to deploy a Bar Chart called sales within this project and data is located in cells A1:B10. We simply execute:


Alternatively, you can deploy a chart from the task pane by clicking on sharing button. In this case, a windows pops up where you need to enter the deployment details similar to your function:

as you see, deployment format is in project/name format. If you are not the owner of the project, you need to specify the owner name in owner/project/name format. Please note that the owner must grant you full access permission to deploy a graph into her/his project.

By clicking on the drop down menu, you can select share and grant access to other users:

After clicking on share, you should type in the username or email which you want to share and define the level of access: View/Comment only, Clone (can only copy) or Full Access (can deploy into the project):

By clicking on the project, you can see the list of charts and graphs you have already deployed into this project:

By clicking on any graphs from your list, you can select the sharing options in which you can share your graph publically, or grant access to specific users. In each case, you can set the permission for allowing comments or not: