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Upload any type of data to the Axcel’s secured cloud storage for sharing and consumption in other projects.


AXCEL.UPLOAD(data, filename, [force])

The AXCEL.UPLOAD function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. This is the selected part of your workbook which you would like to upload into your secured storage.

filename Required. This is the file name that you will use in AXCEL.DOWNLOAD function to download into your workbook. Please note that filename is case sensitive and should consist of alphanumeric and non-repeating underline characters. You cannot use underline at the beginning or end of the filename. For instance “abc-123” or “a-b-c-123” are allowed but “abc–123”, “abc-123-“, “-abc-123” or “abc-$123” are not allowed.

force If the filename you use to upload is already exist in your storage, you get this error message:

File name exists. Set force TRUE to overwrite

If you would like to replace the existing file, you need to set the force TRUE and upload your file. In this case, a new version of your file is created without affecting the previous versions. You can download the previous versions by calling explicitly its version in AXCEL.DOWNLOAD function.

For example:


Produce this output:

Since “MyFile” was already in the storage, we set force to TRUE. The confirmation result shows that a new version (2) is created.