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Axcel empowers you to instantly build, test, analyze, and deploy data science, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics inside your excel sheet in the cloud. In addition, it expands the functionality of Excel and offers powerful visualization.

To start with Axcel, you first need to add Axcel Add-in from the Microsoft store. Axcel Add-in works with Excel in Microsoft 365 in both Mac and Windows, and Excel online. However, there are some limitations in the task pane due to constraints of Excel online.

You can watch this video or follow the instructions below to start with Axcel:

  1. In your Excel: Click on Axcel AI in Microsoft store page. Then click on the GET IT NOW button.

2. Then click on the open in Excel button.

3. In your Excel sheet click on the Axcel AI button on top

4. Click on the open task pane on the left side as shown below.

5. On the right task pane, scroll down to get to the log in section. If you already have an account, log in with your username and password. If not, click sign up.

Three Simple Steps to Run AI/ML Models:

  1. Open the Excel sheet with data
  2. In an empty cell with enough empty space around it, type =Axcel, and from the drop-down menu select the relative function. Then select/write the inputs for that function. You can use the IntelliSense as a guide to filling the function’s input. Then press enter.
  3. The result will be generated underneath the cell. On the right panel, you can see the model performance and the charts. You can easily zoom into charts or save. You can also see the charts in a larger window in your browser. See an example for ARIMA FORECASTING