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This function is in beta test


This function generates QR Code (url links) for data entries for a specific row in a specific file.


AXCEL.QRCODE(form, filename, row, data_names, data_inputs, title)

The AXCEL.QRCODE function syntax has the following arguments:

form Required. This is the form name in project/name format which is used in AXCEL.FORMS function to create a form.

filename Required. This is the file which form entries will send to. Please note that this filename is different from the original file associated with form when it was deployed.

row: Required. This is the row number of the file where the form entry is recorded.

data_names: Required. This is a vector of columns names where data entries will be recorded for each row. These column names should be a subset of the columns in the file associated with forms.

data_input: Required. This is the data input for each row. If the input is blank, Axcel axcel set it as an entry which user should enter. Otherwise, the form will be filled with the value of the columns and is set as read-only.

title: Required. This is the QR Code title.

As you can see in below example:

To generate the QR Code we run:

=AXCEL.QRCODE(“testform/yourmenu”,”testmenurecords”,1,B1:E1,B2:E2,”Jack Menu”)

where “testform/yourmenu” is the deployment name of the form, “testmenurecords” is the file to which we send data entries, row number 1 is associated with this entry and data name and data inputs are selected. This link generates a form as shown below:

As you can see, Name and Food fields are filled by the values and set Read-only while Quantity and happy sections are set for the user to enter data. Please note that users should have access to both “yourmenu” and “testmenurecords” to be able to submit data.