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QR Code application is accessible through the Launchpad:

After clicking on QR Code tile, you are in QR Code application as follows:

Inputs: This is a table of input cells. Based on your table, a form will be generated with Column 1, Columns 2, …, and Column n inputs. A separate link will be generated by each row. If a column has a value such as a1, a2, … those values will be pre-filled with those values and the empty column are left empty for user’s entries.

Column 1 Column 2 Column n
a1 b1
a2 b2

Types: This entry is optional. By default all entries are considered as string. For columns which are supposed to be entered by the user, you have three options:

  • string: if the input is string
  • number: if the input is a number
  • selection: in this case you need to define each entry in double quotations and comma separated. For instance: If Columns 3, 4 and 5 are supposed to be entered by the user, and column 3 is a number, column 4 is a string, and column 5 is a selection between apple, banana and orange, Types is define as follows:
number string “apple”, “banana”, “orange”

All Required: If turn it on, user must enter all required entries.

Deployment: This is the name of your form in project/name format. If you just enter a name, both project and form are considered to have the same name. If the project does not exist, a project is created in your dashboard. If the a form with similar project and form name exist, the app asks for your confirmation to overwrite your form.

Title: This is the title of your form.

Description: This is the description shows up on top of your form. You can leave it empty.

Generate Form: When click this button, the system generates:

  • A form shows up in your project.
  • A series of links for each row of input table. Links are show in a separate tab in your excel sheet.
  • A zip file in your storage with name.zip format which contains the QR Code of all links, a csv file including table input and links.
  • A file called name in your storage which records the latest entries of the users with rows updated. You can reach this file with by running =AXCEL.DOWNLOAD(“name”) in your excel sheet.
  • A file called name-log in your storage which records all entries with user email and time stamp. You can reach this file with by running =AXCEL.DOWNLOAD(“name-log”) in your excel sheet.