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This function plots the density and cumulative density function (CDF) of a vector of the numbers and reports statistics such as the mean, median, 5 highest and lowest and dispersion (Gini).



The AXCEL.PLOT.DISTRIBUTION function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. It is a vector of number for which we would like to plot the density and CDF.

The output of the function is the density plot and a table of statistics as follows:

n number of data
missing number of missing values
distinct number of distinct values
Info odds/Wilcoxon test which shows how continuous the data is.
Mean Average
Gmd Gini’s mean difference as a measure of dispersion
.05 5th percentile
.10 10th percentile
.25 25th percentile
.50 50th percentile (Median)
.75 75th percentile
.90 90th percentile
.95 95th percentile
L1 lowest value
L2 2nd lowest value
L3 3rd lowest value
L4 4th lowest value
L5 5th lowest value
H5 5th highest value
H4 4th highest value
H3 3rd highest value
H2 2nd highest value
H1 Highest value


Imagine you have a set of numbers in A1:A100 cells. to plot the density and CDF of this vector, you can run:


Here is the output: