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This function provides a rating on sentiment positive/negative (polarity -1.0 to 1.0) and subjectivity (0 to 1) for a sentence or paragraph.



The AXCEL.NLP.SENTIMENT function syntax has the following arguments:

text Required. An input sentence or paragraph for sentiment analysis. You can provide the input directly into the function or refer to single or multiple cells to get the result.

The output of the function is a vector of 3 elements: polarity, number of sentences, and subjectivity. For example:

=AXCEL.NLP.SENTIMENT(“I love this coffee shop. It is clean and close to my office.”) reports 0.43 for polarity, 2 for the number of sentences, and 0.65 for subjectivity. Here is another example:

As you can see, the command refers to cells A2, A3,… instead of providing direct input.