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This function is part of Process Discover (PD) functions in Axcel and applies Directly-Follows Graphs (DFG) Performance measurement on input data. Heuristics Miner is an algorithm that acts on the Directly-Follows Graph, providing way to handle with noise and to find common constructs. The output of the Heuristics Miner is an Heuristics Net, so an object that contains the activities and the relationships between them. 



The AXCEL.PD.HEURISTICS function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. This is a table of events and should be structured in the order of record, process, resource, and timestamp as follows:

record process resource timestamp
record 1 process xresource y 2012-01-02T12:23:00.000+01:00

Here is an example based on repair dataset. You can pull this data by executing AXCEL.DATASETS(“repair-process-mining”). Considering you pulled your data in cell A1, you need to run:


Here is the outcome: