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AXCEL.GLM.RUN function

AXCEL.OLS.RUN function

Calculates or predicts a future value based on a trained and deployed glm or ols model. In Axcel glm and ols functions (AXCEL.GLM and AXCEL.OLS), user can select a deployment name that is used in this function. By using this function, the process of training and building the model is separated from deployment which provides security, consistency, and integration. You can use this function to predict sales, probability of an event, revenue, inventory, or consumer trends.


AXCEL.GLM.RUN(deployment, predictors, [version], [owner])

AXCEL.OLS.RUN(deployment, predictors, [version], [owner])

The AXCEL.GLM.RUN / AXCEL.OLS.RUN function syntax has the following arguments:

deployment Required. This is the same “deployment” name used in the execution of AXCEL.GLM or AXCEL.OLS models. Please note that this name is case sensitive.

predictors Required. This is a data input of predictors with the same name and orders used in the training process.

version Optional. This is the version number of deployment. If it is not defined, the latest version is used.

owner Optional. The default is the user running the function. If you are not the owner of the model, you should provide the username of the model owner. Depends on the tier of the owner’s subscription, they may restrict access to the model to a list of authorized users.

For instance, if you train a model with mtcars dataset and deploy it as “mtcars-model” and assuming our predictors are in B1:K9 cells, we can run prediction with this command:


Here is the outcome:

As you can see, the predicted values are reported in column M.

GLM.RUN / OLS.RUN does not send any content to the console or plot task pane.