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AXCEL.FRED function

This function pulls data from Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) by defining series name.


AXCEL.FRED(series, [frequency], [startDate], [endDate])

The AXCEL.FRED function syntax has the following arguments:

series Required. This is the series id in FRED database to pull your data. For instance, if you would like to pull S&P500 data, you use “SP500” in series input. You can find series names in FRED website. Also, when you’d like to set or update you API key, you should enter API key here. This process stores your key for the future iterations.

frequencies Optional. Default is monthly or “m”. “a” is for annual, “q” for quarterly, “m” for monthly, w” for weekly, and “d” is for daily. Please check the series in FRED website to see which frequencies are available for your data.

startDate Optional. This is the starting date of pulling data in “yyyy-mm-dd” format. If leave it empty, the earliest available date in the series is considered.

endDate Optional. This is the ending date of pulling data in “yyyy-mm-dd” format. If leave it empty, the latest available date in the series is considered.


First you need to set your API key. You can get your API key from FRED website. You need to run:


where, “abcd ….3456” is your API key extracted from FRED website. This is a one-time execution and you do not need to enter your API key for the future executions unless you’d like to update your key. Therefore, we recommend that you delete this command as soon as you execute it.

Next, imagine that you would like to pull US unemployment rates quarterly data from year 2010 to 2019. Here is the command to execute:

=AXCEL.DATA.FRED(“UNRATE”,”q”, “2010”, “2019”)

And the output is:

“UNRATE” is the series name for the US unemployment rates.