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This function is in beta test

AXCEL.FORMS function

This function generates forms for the purpose of surveys and field data collection.


AXCEL.FORMS(inputs, deployment, title, description, [fields], [time_track], [user_track])

The AXCEL.FORMS function syntax has the following arguments:

inputs Required. This is a table of form inputs. Each row of the table represents the a field of the form and will be shown with the same order:

fields title type required readonly default select
fields: (required) the name of variables which will be shown in your form.

title: (required) the title of the entry in the form

type: (optional) entry type: number, string, text, boolean

required: (optional) TRUE/FALSE (default) indicates whether the entry is required or not

readonly: (optional) TRUE/FALSE (default) makes the field read-only

default: (optional) entry default value

select: (optional) if the entry is a selection. In this case, all choices should be defined in quotations and   comma separated. For instance: "a", "b", "c"  

You do not need to follow the order of the columns but you should follow the naming convention indicated in the above table.

deployment Required. It is the deployment in project/name format. You need to create a project by logging into your console ( -> Project -> Create Project. After that you can use the project name in your deployment. Please note project names contain small letters and numbers only.

title: Required. This is the title of the form.

description: Required. Form description which is shown on top of the form.

fields: Optional. This is a table explaining specific style or format of the entries:

fields style helper right_lable format sort
fields: (required) the name of the variables which are defined in the input table 

style: (optional) select (for dropdown menu), radio (for radio buttons), date, time, datatime, textarea, checkbox, password, phone, email, country, colorpicker, url, lowercase, uppercase

helper: (optional) shows the helper text below each field

right_label: (optional) shows the text right beside the checkbox

format: (optional) when data, time or datatime are chosen in style column, you can define the time date format. For instance, you can choose YYYY-MM-DD, MM/DD/YY for dates, or hh:mm:ss a or hh:mm:ss

sort: (optional) if you have items defined as select in inputs, by default form sorts them alphabetically. To avoid sorting, you can set this variable FALSE.

You do not need to follow the order of the columns but you should follow the naming convention indicated in the above table.

time_track Optional. If set TRUE, Axcel records a timestamp for each submission. Default is FALSE.

user_track Optional. If set TRUE, Axcel records the email of the user who has made the entry for each submission. Default is FALSE.

Here is an example for submitting a form. Here is the input data:

To generate the form we need to run:

=AXCEL.FORMS(A1:G5, “testform/yourmenu”, “Fast Food Menu”, “Enter your order”,A8:C12,1,1)

which generates a form called yourmenu in testform project as shown below:

it also generates a csv file called yourmenu in Storage section:

All records entries from the form goes to this file. If you run:


you can extract the content of the file:

As you can all entries are recorded and both user and time are tracked. If you’d like to share this form with other users, you should share this form publicly in your project as shown below:

you can share this form via QR Code or the link. At the same time, you should share your record file (yourmenu in our example) with the users who you’d like to grant them access to submit the form.