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This function fits a distribution for an input data. It produces fitting specification and plots.


AXCEL.FIT.DISTRIBUTION(data, [distribution], [method])

The AXCEL.CHOOSE.DISTRIBUTION function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. It is a vector of number for which we would like to fit the distribution.

distribution Required. This is a the distribution which you would like to fit. The list of available distributions is:

      "norm": Normal
      "gamma": Gamma
      "exp": Exponential
      "pois": Poisson
      "logis": Logistic 
      "lnorm": Log-normal 
      "weibull": Weibull
      "beta": Beta
      "geom" Geometric

method Optional. Default is “mle”. The list of available methods is:

"mle": for 'maximum likelihood estimation (default)
"mme": for 'moment matching estimation
"mge": for 'maximum goodness-of-fit estimation
"mse": for 'maximum spacing estimation


Imagine you have a set of numbers in A1:A100 cells. To to fit a gamma distribution on this sample with “mle” (default) methodology, you can run:


It returns distribution fit parameters and reports fitting statistics in console and corresponding plots in the task pane as presented below: