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  1. Is Axcel a SaaS service? Yes. Axcel is a SaaS service
  2. How can I start using Axcel? See the quick start guide to get the add-in and start.
  3. Can I use Axcel in Mac? Yes, you can use Acle add-in in both Mac and Windows.
  4. Does Axcel run on my desktop? Axcel runs in Cloud.
  5. Does Axcel store my data? No, Axcel does not store your data unless you want to use the data-store function.
  6. Is Axcel fast? Axcel runs in the cloud and it is fast and scalable.
  7. Do you have Axcel on-premise? We provide Axcle on-Premise as well as a private cloud for enterprises. Contact us to learn more.
  8. Can I develop my own functions for my organization in Axcel? This service is only available for enterprises that use Axcel’s on-premise or Private cloud software.
  9. Can I share my data in Excle with my team? Yes, you can share data with your team through Excel with Axcel.
  10. Can I visualize with Axcel? Yes, you can visualize with Axcel.
  11. Can I build AI and machine learning models with Axcel? Yes, Axcel provides a large library of AI and Machine Learning pre-built functions that can easily run and deploy in your Excel.
  12. Which version of Microsoft Excel do I need for running Axcel? Microsoft 365.
  13. What should I do if I do not find the function I am looking for? Please contact us. We will be happy to build and add functions that are popular or are specific to a particular industry.
  14. Do you build customized functions? Yes. We build customized functions for some organizations. Please contact us to learn more.