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Download the latest or a specific version of data from Axcel’s secured cloud storage which is uploaded by AXCEL.UPLOAD function.


AXCEL.DOWNLOAD([filename], [version], [owner])

The AXCEL.DOWNLOAD function syntax has the following arguments:

filename Optional. This is the filename or URL of the data set which you would like to download. If you do not use filename or URL and any other arguments in the function, AXCEL.DOWNLOAD() gives you the list of the files in your storage. The URL format must start with http:// or https://.

version Optional. By default, the DOWNLOAD function downloads the latest version of your file into your worksheet. If you would like to download a specific version of your file, you need to provide explicitly for version argument. You can get the version of your files by executing AXCEL.FILES() or check the Files section in your dashboard.

owner Optional. By default, AXCEL.DOWNLOAD assumes the current user as the owner of the requested files and versions. If you are not the owner of the file that you would like to download, you should provide the username of the owner of the file here. If the file is pulled from Marketplace, the owner should be set to “_marketplace”. The owner argument is overridden by the current user if filename and version are not provided.

For example:


Produces this output:

which is the list of the files belong to the current user. In this example:


User downloads the latest version of “MyFile” as shown below:

Users can call an older version of the file in the function to download. Here is an example:

=AXCEL.DOWNLOAD(“MyFile”, “2”)

After execution, it shows the content of the above mentioned version:

and lastly, this example:


downloads binary.csv file from remote server.