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This function is part of Process Discover (PD) functions in Axcel and applies Directly-Follows Graphs (DFG) Performance measurement on input data. On top of directed edges in a DFG the performance is measured which is the mean of time inter-lapsed between the two events/activities.



The AXCEL.PD.DFG.PERFORMANCE function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. This is a table of events and should be structured in the order of record, process, resource, and timestamp as follows:

record process resource timestamp
record 1 process xresource y 2012-01-02T12:23:00.000+01:00

Here is an example based on repair dataset. You can pull this data by executing AXCEL.DATASETS(“repair-process-mining”). Considering you pulled your data in cell A1, you need to run:


Here is the outcome: