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This function chooses the best fit for an input data among the list of the distributions provided by the user.


AXCEL.CHOOSE.DISTRIBUTION(data, [choices], [method])

The AXCEL.CHOOSE.DISTRIBUTION function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. It is a vector of number for which we would like to fit the distribution.

choices Optional. This is a selection of distributions for finding the best fit. Please note a minimum of two distributions must be provided or leave it empty for all distributions. The list of available distributions is:

      "norm": Normal
      "gamma": Gamma
      "exp": Exponential
      "evd": Extreme Values
      "logis": Logistic 
      "pareto": Pareto 
      "weibull": Weibull

By default the function tests all distributions. It also filters “gamma”, “lnorm”, “exp”, “pareto”, and “weibull” if any number of input is negative.

method Optional. Default is “sw”. The list of available methods is:

  "sw": Shapiro-Wilk; the default.
  "sf": Shapiro-Francia.
  "ppcc: Probability Plot Correlation Coefficient.
  "proucl: ProUCL.


Imagine you have a set of numbers in A1:A20 cells. To test all distribution on this sample with “sw” (default) methodology, you can run:


It returns the best fit with its parameters. It also shows the statistical result of all choices in the console as shown below: