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This function generates a chart view of input data.


AXCEL.VIZ.CHART(data, [title], [deployment])

The AXCEL.VIZ.CHART function syntax has the following arguments:

data Required. data must have minimum two columns. The columns define the hierarchies of the chart. The third column is optional. If presented, it shows the title of each node. Please note that the point [1, 1] should be empty to define the root. If it is not empty, Axcel automatically sets it to empty.

Higher_Level Lower_Level Title (optional)

title Optional. By default, Axcel tries to find the title from your data such as the name of the first column. Otherwise, you can explicitly define the title of your graph.

deployment Optional. It is the deployment in project/name or owner/project/name format. You need to create a project by logging into your console ( -> Project -> Create Project. After that you can use the project name in your deployment. Please note project and visualization names contain small letters and numbers only. If a project is shared with you, you should use the username of the owner in your deployment. Please visit visualization projects and sharing to learn more about this powerful feature.

when you type =AXCEL.VIZ.CHART in an Excel cell, the IntelliSense guides you through required and optional (shown in [] brackets) inputs. Here is an example.


Here is a simple example of organization hierarchy of ACME:

Manager Employee Title
SaraJoe Marketing

We can visualize this chart by running:

=AXCEL.VIZ.CHART(A1:C7, “ACME Organization”)

The interactive chart is presented as follows:

You can expand the chart by clicking on each node. Also, as presented, when you hove your mouse on each node, the title shows up as well.

See also: Visualization Projects and Sharing