Professional AI-powered Modeling and Risk Management in Finance and Insurance

Risk Management

Risk management functions such as Expected Shortfall (ES), Value at Risk (VaR), Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR), ARCH or GARCH.

Advanced Statistics

Advanced techniques such as Copula Fitting,Claim Simulation or Generalized. Linear Models (GLM)

Finance Modeling

Modernize your risk management techniques by leveraging AI-powered tools such DeepAR, Random Forest or XGBoost.

Why Axcel?

Axcel is no-coding but interactive and transparent. See the result instantly next to your data in Excel.

Fast and Fully Automated

No coding. Rapidly build and deploy fully automated AI-Powered models.


Easily monitor performance of your model by detailed report produced by Axcel.


Quickly distribute the result within organization for faster decision making


Can be tailored to your specific needs by leveraging the attributes of your data and our AI expertise.

Axcel AI capabilities are customizable, combinable and easily deployable. No coding required.