“No Coding” AI and Machine Learning in Excel powered by Axcel AI

Connect Spreadsheets to Axcel Cloud Platform to run Machine Learning and Analytics inside Excel!

Instantly run machine learning and artificial intelligence models, visualize, share data and results in Excel. You do not need any coding experience. Just follow the simple steps to choose from the existing models or create your own.

Access/Prepare Data

Variety of file management functions are available.

Select ML/AI model from the list

Easily select a general or industry related model from Axcel catalogue

Run the Model and visualize the result

Run the model and get the results instantly. Use the advanced Visualization.

Share/Collaborate with teams

Share your insights and results with your team

A rich catalogue of fine-tuned pre-built predictive analytics and machine learning solutions

Easily operationalize AI and Machine Learning in your organization

Predictive Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

From regressions to advanced decision trees or text analytics, varieties of models are ready to utilize. Don’t spend time on coding and accelerate turning data to actionable insights right inside your Excel!

Axcel is for:

Anyone who wants to instantly get actionable insights from data


No coding is required. instantly run artificial intelligence or machine learning models in your Excel sheet

Data Scientists

Focus on analyzing your results and model improvements instead of fixing bugs in your scripts!


Instantly visualize the results of the models. Leverage your business intuition combined with model results through a fast, transparent and reproducible process


Turn your organization to a data-driven enterprise. Engage different lines of business without technical barriers and with minimum costs

Why Axcel?

Axcel is for all small, mid size and large corporation. It accelerates data analytics, and developing machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

Fast and Fully Automated

No coding. Rapidly build and deploy fully automated AI-Powered models.


Easily monitor performance of your model by detailed report produced by Axcel.


Quickly distribute the result within organization for faster decision making


Can be tailored to your specific needs by leveraging the attributes of your data and our AI expertise.

Democratizing AI and Machine Learning

Axcel AI capabilities are customizable, combinable and easily deployable. No coding required.